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user-friendly, process optimization through automated data collection and intelligent control system, cost-effective, avoiding human error


50 years of specialized experience, long-term customer relationships, 24/7 worldwide support, secure in-house transport


Smart pneumatic tube system, continuous further development in our four internal R&D departments, adaption of the systems to company needs thanks to 50+ special applications

Pneumatic Tube Systems in Hospitals

Optimization of hospital logistics through pneumatic systems

Turnaround time

  • Transport speed from 3 to 6 meters/second
  • Average transport time for pharmaceutical goods comes to 2-3 minutes
  • More efficient use of laboratory equipment thanks to continuous workflow
  • Prompt and error-free delivery of test results, reports, etc.


  • Reduction of a possible spread of bacteria or viruses following less movement of sick patients and less crowding at clinics
  • Safe management of contaminated specimens or samples
  • Prevention of cross-contamination thanks to safety and hygiene
  • Sterility

Patient services

  • Sick patients do not have to walk to the blood collection room
  • Improvement of patient satisfaction and consequently hospital reputation
  • Faster throughput time of laboratory testing minimizes crowding at clinics
  • One-stop service with connections to laboratory and central pharmacy

Hospital processes

  • 24/7 operation and thus speedy 24/7 transportation within the hospital
  • Spontaneous transport – just in time and immediately when required
  • Fast link of patient areas with laboratory, pharmacy, medical records and X-rays
  • Better management of facilities reduces operational cost

About Pneumatic tube systems

Pneumatic tube systems are powerful and efficient transport options that lead to an optimization of processes in hospitals. By using pneumatic tubes, hospitals save valuable time for:

  • obtaining required information about patients
  • taking laboratory samples and instantaneous sections
  • the transport of blood

Our pneumatic tube solutions are adapted to the application in healthcare organizations. We provide various carrier inlets to treat sensitive transport goods with care. For example, we offer carriers with coolers for items that need a chilled environment. When transporting blood preservations, we consider the weight, the transport duration, the haemolysis as well as centrifugal and accelerating forces. Furthermore, it is possible to send time-critical items on priority lanes, such as tissue samples taken during an operation.

Thanks to pneumatic tube transport, staff are able to devote more time to personal patient care.