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  • A Moment of Proud!! Mr. Sanjay Jaiswal, Director, Airox Technologies Pvt. Ltd., in an exclusive interview with Medical Equipment & Automation (Vol. 7 No. 2 Sep – Oct 2014). Click Here to Read Complete Interview
  • Airox launched Ozone Generator in collaboration with the leader in ozone generator system “Ozone Water Systems” from Arizona (USA).
  • Airox participated in All India Critical Care Conference, Jaipur as a premium sponsor
  • "As a major breakthrough, Airox is the only company in India which has received FDA licence for oxygen generator plant. "
  • Airox recently grabbed Government of Maharashtra order for oxygen concentrator plant.
  • "Airox Technologies at All India Critical Care, Pune. Great display and response received for Airsep Oxygen Generator. Doctors all over India have appreciated the O2 generator and looking it as a revolutionary product"
  • "South Indian market has applauded Airsep Oxygen Generator in Medicall,Chennai"
  • Medical Equipment & Automation, a national level medical magazine has selected best new product watch category"

Telelift - Multicar | Automated transport solutions for industries

Telelift GmbH, A German Company has been a household name in machine and system construction since it was founded in 1964. They rank among the leading manufacturers with 1300+ installations of conveyor systems for transporting light goods in-house & has factory at Maisach, Germany.

Companies like BMW and Volkswagen are making their one care in 56 seconds using our technology

MultiCar 1

MultiCar for flexible material handling in the industry

MultiCar is the "big brother" of the UniCar and transports goods of higher payloads. Its low construction height allows for space-saving installation solutions. The system transports horizontally, vertically, and horizontally overhead. The vehicles are equipped with forward and rear drive. The technology is configured for simple and complex industrial applications. It is popular in modern libraries and hospitals thanks to its low-noise operation.

MultiCar 2

MultiCar - Many functions using just one technology

  • Horizontal to vertical transport without disruption
  • Horizontal and vertical buffering to compensate for fluctuations in production
  • Horizontal and vertical storage to save space
  • Horizontal and vertical loading and unloading stations
  • Rail switches for distribution of materials in multiple directions
  • Bidirectional transport with regulated speeds
  • Passive and active load-handling attachments
  • Network-compatible, modular control

MultiCar - designed with sustainability in mind

  • Consumes energy only when transporting
  • Low stand-by costs
  • Brushless motor technology
  • High-quality materials and surfaces for a long service life
  • Extremely low wear and thus requiring fewer replacement parts
  • All system modules are recyclable should the production process change
  • Lead-free machine elements and electrical parts