Telelift - Unicar | Automated transport solutions for hospitals

What is Medical Logistic ?

The UniCar is the perfect solution for fast and reliable transport between operating rooms, pharmacies, laboratories, storage areas and wards in hospitals.

  1. Medical logistics is the logistics of pharmaceuticals, medical and surgical supplies, medical devices and equipment, and other products needed to SUPPORT doctors, nurses, and other health and dental care providers.
  2. Because its final users are responsible for the lives and health of their patients, medical logistics is unique in that it seeks to optimize EFFECTIVENSS rather than EFFICIENCY.
  3. Medical logistics functions comprise an important part of the HEALTH CARE SYSTEM after staff costs. Medical supplies are the single most expensive component of health care.
  4. To drive COSTS out of the health-care sector, medical logistics providers are adopting supply chain management theories.

What is ETV from Telelift?

Benefits of Telelift transport solutions at hospitals:

  • Efficient and reliable transport of goods
  • Integral part of hygiene measures
  • Avoidance of cross-contamination
  • Transport times are reduced and the system is available 24 hours a day
  • Relieves staff so they can concentrate on their main activity
  • High savings potential thanks to automated transport of hospital goods
  • Reduces transport errors and prevents damage to goods
  • Security transports with the security system
  • Short payback time for the transport system
  • High availability
  • Robust system components
  • Interface to central computer systems

FAB : Features, Advantages & Benefits of ETV System

  • Can be installed in complex building structures.
  • Higher availability of surgical instruments through quicker cycle times.
  • Safe transport in sealed containers, locking mechanism helps transport secure documentation even cash.
  • Low-noise technology
  • Simple to load, unload, and operate
  • High flexibility for planned and spontaneous transport
  • 24/7 days availability
  • Hygienic surfaces, disinfecting containers, Reduced microbiological cross- contamination (Antimicrobial Coating)
  • Increased transparency of stock levels & material flow.
  • Reduced transport damage, Reduction of damage to fragile goods & IV bags

Difference between ETV (Telelift) & PTS (Air Tube)

Sr. No Items Transported in Hospital Telelift ETV Air Tube -PTS
2 Tissue samples, laboratory samples YES YES
3 Pharmaceuticals YES YES
4 Tranquilizers and sedatives YES YES
5 Intravenous drips YES NO
6 Sterile instruments YES NO
7 Syringes, needles, gloves, dressing YES (YES) only for small quantities
8 Blood supplies YES (YES) mind damages on plastic packing material
9 Consumables YES NO
10 Postal mail, files and folders YES NO
11 X-rays YES NO
13 Radionuclide’s YES NO
14 Load Capacity 15 Kg 3 Kg
15 Volume Capacity 30 L 4 L


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