Holistic burn and woundcare treatment in a mobile workstation

Wondermed’s woundhub combines all aspects of burn and wound treatment in a mobile multi-functional workstation. By combining clinical effectiveness with patient safety and dramatically reducing the discomfort and time taken to clean wounds, patients experience a far better quality-of-care at a reduced cost to the caregiver.

This is possible because Woundhub is a mobile workstation that uses a pressurised stream of filtered air and sterile liquid solutions administered using single-use disposable handpieces to holistically facilitate burn and wound treatment.

Single-use disposability is critical in wound care and burn treatment and prevents patient cross-contamination thus reducing infection risks. Designed for continuous single-handed operation, our ergonomic handpieces reduce strain and fatigue, even with extensive use. Additionally, our handsets are designed for standardised connectivity to most IV bags eliminating supplier lock-in.

woundhub handsets

Woundtrim - Wound cleaning, irrigation & drying


A sterile single-use multi-functional handset incorporating three key functions for burn and wound treatment


Wound cleaning and removal of wound dressings is easier and less painful using the Woundtrim’s irrigation function. By applying a controlled spray of sterile liquid (e.g. saline or water), wounds can be cleaned without the need for swabs and spatulas facilitating minimal discomfort to the patient

Debriding and pulsed lavage

Using a pressurised stream of filtered air, the Woundtrim assists practitioners in the removal of wound dressings, the debridement of damaged and necrotic tissue, irrigation, and the drying of wounds and burns.

Using adjustable pulse lavage that produces a fine pressurised saline spray, debridement can be achieved without the need for scraping, cutting, or anaesthetic.

Wound drying

Drying of the wound area following irrigation and debridement using warm low-pressure air will evaporate excess moisture from the wound before application of topical creams. The drying function is also well suited to large wound areas which have been cooled during the irrigation and debridement process. The broad, nozzle provides a high volume of warm air applied at a low impact pressure to minimise patient discomfort during the procedure.

Woundtreat - Topical cream application


Topical cream application

Wound dressing with antiseptic topical cream spray application can be achieved using woundtreat in a more controlled, less invasive, and less painful procedure. With better coverage and controlled layering, the result is lower cream usage with better adhesion in fraction of the time.

Woundpulse - Wound massage



Woundpulse is a sterile single-use multi-functional hand piece that incorporates massage functionalities for accelerated healing of diabetic ulcers and lymphodoema.

Woundpulse’s massage function uses intermittent positive pressure pulsation applied using vibrating air jets. Massage stimulates blood flow through skin tissue through the dilation of micro vessels and the reduction of oedema. Tapotement massage can also be applied using the pulse oscillation functionality. Massage has been shown to reduce oedema, improve circulation, and encourage blood to flow to wound areas that may be starved of oxygen, as often is the case with diabetic foot ulcers and other peripheral vascular conditions. The woundpulse is ideal for treating lymphodaema, neuropathy and avoiding pressure ulcers.

woundhub specifications

Woundhub specifications

WoundHub Workstation
Dimensions (W) 630mm x (D) 705mm x (H) 1740mm
Net weight Approximately 73kg (including 30kg compressor)
Operator interface IP67 vandal-proof LED push-button switches (24VDC @ 15mA) with clear Perspex protective cover
Materials Chassis – Stainless steel (304) base & mild steel (powder coated) panels; Chassis mouldings – ABS

Utilities Connection and Description
Electrical IEC (with regional plug types) | 220-240VAC; 50Hz; 5.0A; single-phase
Liquid supply External saline 1-3L bag with 500-800mm gravity hydraulic head
Air supply Medical air oil-less compressor | 500-800kPa (33-54psi)
Condensate drain Manual compressor condensate drainage valve (drained once per week)
Environmental conditions 5 – 40 °C, ≤ 85% RH, non-condensing; altitude limit 2,000m


Advantages of Wound hub

  • Advantages in Drying Wounds
    • A single use hand piece called the Woundtrim is used multi functionally.
    • One particular function blows warm sterile air across the wound to dry excess moisture from the wound.
    • Touching and dabbing the wound is thus avoided reducing pain and the risk of cross contamination.
  • Advantages in Irrigating Wounds
    • The “”NO TOUCH”” Woundhub system, allows for low pressure, high volume irrigation of wounds without touching the wound.
    • No touch, means less pain and no risk of cross contamination.
    • It saves 70% cream/antiseptic liquid.
    • It saves time.
    • No wasting of irrigation liquids by pouring irrigating solution.
    • No flooding of the bed.
    • Any irrigation liquid can be applied using the spray system.
  • Advantages of using Massage headset
    • Clinical trials have proven that 5 minutes of compressed air massage will dialate the micro blood vessels by 15%.
    • Reduces Lymphedema
    • Increased blood flow to the wound hasten healing and can prevent amputations in diabetic foot ulcers.
    • Compressed air massage can even get blood to the wound through the skin if the vascular system is compromised.
    • Clinical trials showed a 25% improvement in healing time for diabetic foot ulcers.
  • Overall Advantages
    • Huge reduction in pain experienced by the patients.
    • 71% saving on the expensive topical creams and ointments applied to wounds.
    • Debridement outside of theatre without the necessity of a doctor or surgeon, frees up theatre time and doctor / surgeon time.
    • General anaesthetics can often be avoided.
    • Improved healing time.
    • Huge reduction in cross contamination risk.
    • Times savings allowing more dressing to be completed in the allocated time.
    • All aspects of wound care can be taken care of by a trained nurse, outside of the operating theatre.
    • This new technology allows Wound Care to catch up to modern medical principals.