Testimonials - Telelift

Central Hospital Augsburg, Germany
The current site originates from the early 80’s of the last century and had a high automation rate from its very beginning on. The Telelift system with originally 64 stations and 251 vehicles processed all logistics transports between wards, laboratories, pharmacies and patient files and additionally did other transfer orders.

After 24 years of successful operation, the hospital decided on a complete retrofit of the electrical control system. Due to regular preventive maintenance, the mechanics were still in good condition. The building authority decided to award all activities to Telelift who carried out the work between 2008 and 2010.

The Success:
The retrofit of the Telelift system allowed a significant cost reduction. The payback time was less than 4 years by strong increase of hygiene safety. The operational availability of the system is more than 99 % now. Transported goods: hospital goods, specimen, documents, pharmaceuticals Re-commissioning: 2010
The Solution:
Track length: 3.5 K.M.
Floors: 15
No. of station: 60
No. of vehicles: 200
Type: H135
Control system: TELEcontrol

Niguarda Ca ́Granda Hospital, Milano, Italy
Niguarda Hospital includes all departments for adult and child pathology. As the largest hospital in North-West Italy, it is well-known as an international reference model. More than 4,100 employees including 750 physicians and about 2,000 nurses, medical and rehabilitation technicians serve in-patients in 1,285 beds. Additionally, Niguarda Hospital is one of the most active transplant centers in Italy.

Reorganization of the whole hospital put great demands on transport automation. Telelift planned and installed a UniCar system with 4 km track, 50 stations and 160 vehicles.

The Solution:
Track length: 4 K.M.
No. of stations: 50
No. of vehicles: 160
Commissioning: 2009 (Phase 1) 2013 (Phase 2)

Nürnberg South Hospital Germany
1000 beds Telellfit installed in 1994 ( 21 years now )
3 K.M. conveying tracks
66 stations ( 30 hereof ward stations) 180 containers
7500 trips (2500 with load and 3500 empty) per day
500 trips daily arriving at Laboratory
54 million total trips in 20 years
24/7 everyday and all day

Paediatric University Clinic Düsseldorf, Germany
Starting-up of the Telelift system was in 1997. With a total length of 1060m and with 44 vehicles, the Telelift system connects all departments of the clinic and forwards patient records, postal mail, pharmaceuticals and specimens for the lab.

Reduction of manual transports allowed a cost reduction of 275,000 Euro compared to manual transports. The payback time was less than 4 years by strong increase of hygiene safety. The overall operational availability of the system is up to 98.5 %.

The System: System : UniCar
Track length : 1060 m
No. of station: 22
No. of vehicles : 44 / H175
Control : EMK-III
Commissioning 1997

Yancheng No. 3 People ́s Hospital,China
Yancheng No.3 Hospital is located in the area of Jiangsu district, China. Yancheng is the largest city in Jiangsu regarding geographical spread and the second largest city in population. The new hospital was opened in 2011 and is built with 750 beds on an area of 1,00,000 sqm. It serves 6,50,000 outpatients and 45,000 inpatients per year.

The Solution:
Track length: 1050 m
No. of station: 31
No. of vehicles: 44 / H175
Beds: 750
Wards: 20 + 1 VIP
Floors: 14
Commissioning: 3/2011

Nikiforov Russian Centre of Emergency and Radiation Medicine St. Petersburg, Russia Application of modern technology with automated loading/unloading and trans- port of washable boxes in different colors; system separation and good maintainability provide highest transport quality to the customer

The Solution:
System: Unicar Track length: 17 m per shaft 8
No. of station: 2
No. of vehicles: 2
Transport lines: 1 clean, 1 dirt
Commissioning: 2012

Singapore General HospitalThe UniCar system was installed in the new pathology building called “The Aca- demia” the largest pathology centers in Asia. For handling and examination of over 5 million specimens per year.

Telelift planned and installed a UniCar system with 12 stations and 24 B-type vehicles. At three stations at level 8, lab assistants track each arrived consignment of lab specimen.

The bar code label sets the destination and carries the samples to the respective laboratory type in floors 9 to 13. There, the received containers activate a signal if not opened after a particular time. This process guarantees a solid work flow and 100% tracing of all transports.

The Solution:
The system: UniCar
Track length: 116 m
Number of vehicles: 24
Stations: 12
Transported goods: Blood, urine, saliva, tissue specimen
Startup date: 2013