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Airox Oxygen Machine- Airox Technologies
Airox Oxygen Machine- Airox Technologies

Airox Launching OxyRoom

When was the last time you took a deep breath and felt...alive? Was it when you went off the beaten path for a relaxing vacation?? Where you felt 'one with nature'? It certainly wouldn't have been in your city which probably features high in the list of places with the worst air quality index (AQI). Pollution in metro cities is a serious issue, and harmful gases and impurities in the air can have a negative impact on human health and the environment. The sources of pollution in urban areas can include vehicle emissions, industrial activities, construction work, and burning of fossil fuels for energy generation.

Harmful gases like carbon monoxide, sulphur dioxide, Volatile organic compounds (VOCs), nitrogen oxide, nitric oxide and particulate matter (PM1, P,2.5, PM10) can cause respiratory problems and worsen existing health conditions like asthma and lung disease. Long-term exposure to these pollutants can also increase the risk of heart disease, stroke, and cancer.

OxyRoom – For Healthy and Luxury Living

In a world where air pollution is rising at an alarming rate, here’s a revolutionary idea whose time has come: OxyRoom – rooms enriched with oxygen. It is a system designed by Airox Technologies. This oxygen therapy system is designed to pour oxygen inside your indoor space through a process in which one external oxygen generator unit is installed mostly at terrace or ground floor. The pure oxygen is then delivered to an indoor selected area through copper pipeline. It also has a high-tech advanced oxygen generator that uses ATF technology. The main feature of this system is that it works automatically as it is sensor based; with limited supervision. The oxygen level in normal air is 20.9% which is maintained from 22 to 27% (pure oxygen). The system goes on standby upon reaching 27%. The oxygen purity is displayed on the screen which will be installed in the selected indoor space. Also, Remote is a standard part of the system.

Why OxyRoom?

a)Increases Oxygen level from 20.7% to 27% (pure oxygen)

b) Reduces harmful gases like carbon monoxide, ammonia, sulphur dioxide, Volatile organic compounds (VOCs), nitrogen oxide, nitric oxide and others present in the air.

c) Drastically reduces impurities like PM 1, PM 2.5, PM 10 present in the air.

Benefits of OxyRoom

a) Improves Sleep Quality: Oxyroom allows your body to get more oxygen into the blood stream so that you may get a better night’s sleep.

b) Weight Loss Benefits: More oxygen, increases circulation and speeds up metabolism, which in turn can help burn calories. There will be improved circulation and a good response to weight loss and muscle gaining goals.

c) Depression Relief: It is commonly known that oxygen can be physically and mentally healing. It can help lift one’s mood, even shifting the chemical balance that is necessary to feel well, but how? Similar to the prescription of exercise for improving mood, whether aerobic exercise or yoga, most exercise centers around breathing. This type of breathing results in an increased oxygen intake and produces a natural high. This can also be achieved after a few minutes of breathing oxygen.

d) Heals Body Faster: Since more oxygen is being spread throughout the circulatory system and tissues within the body, it stimulates the body's healing response system.

e) Improved Sports Performance: Achieve optimal performance with increased conversion of fats, carbs, proteins and sugars into energy and heat

f) Mental Clarity: Our brain has a very high metabolic rate because of constant neural activity, so the availability of oxygen is closely related to brain performance. By boosting the blood flow to the brain and increasing neurotransmitter production through oxygen use, it is possible for better concentration and memory retention to be achieved.

g) Feel Less fatigued: When you are not getting enough oxygen, it can make you feel very fatigued, OxyRoom can circulate more oxygen into your bloodstream which can improve your energy levels.

h) Be More Active: When your body has enough oxygen, you will have more energy to be more active.

i) Improves Skin and Blood Circulation: Oxygen is helpful in developing fresh skin cells, collagen, blood vessels & promote healing of skin.

j) Be Less Short of Breath: If you are doing some active work or physical activity then oxygen enriched room is of great help as there won’t be any kind of shortness in oxygen (breath).

k) Stress Reduction, Increased Concentration and Mood: Due to increased oxygen levels in the brain, the oxygen helps to lower anxiety and stress levels and has a relaxing impact.

l) Offer Good Relief for Hangovers and Headaches: After ingesting alcohol, your body needs some time to recover, Oxygen plays a very important role in recovery – of any kind. It takes 3 oxygen molecules to break down 1 alcohol molecule. Therefore, if you increase your oxygen intake, your body will be able to break down and expel the alcohol much faster.


In other words, it makes the air as pure as it should be. Oxyroom can be customized/installed according to any room size. So to stay away from AirBorne diseases, we strongly promote OxyRoom to be installed in your premises. For a product demo, we suggest you to pay us a visit. Over lungfuls of fresh air, we could show you how healthy life is going to be. For you and your family.

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