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Airox Oxygen Machine- Airox Technologies
Airox Oxygen Machine- Airox Technologies

ETO  & PLASMA  Sterilizers by AIROX

There are a lot of methods and techniques available for steam sterilization and steam quality on High temperature. Now, the point remains the same on the low temperature. In this post, we will discuss the sensitive and moisture sensitive load on low Temperature.

We all know to destroy bacteria, fungi and spores we can use the Steam method which is very effective. Not only the steam method is cost-effective but also is simple to do. The problem here is that the same method cannot be used on all types of materials and instruments. Some of those materials include Heat and moisture sensitive materials. One can not apply the steam method for that. For this reason, we need an alternate method to do the same.

ETO Gas and Life Cycle

EtO gas is carcinogenic, explosive and mutagenic. The gas is colorless and is Poisonous. It is used to destroy the nucleic acid of all the microorganisms and cellular proteins. The gas attacks the microorganisms but along with this, it can also affect human health. Hence, you should only use it when necessary for the sterilization.

Now, let’s talk about the life cycle. The life cycle of ETO is generally more than 14 hours in time. The life cycle consists of 3 stages.

– Preconditioning

– Sterilization

– Aeration (Degassing)

This was all about ETO. Now let’s see about the hydrogen peroxide. We have already seen that you can’t sterilize every metal. Also, standard autoclaving will damage the advanced equipment. Some of the famous examples of this include Endoscope. When used in Standard Autoclaving, it gets damaged. For all this reason, the low-temperature method is necessary. H202 (Hydrogen peroxide) is used as a sterilant in some of the industries. It is one of the most common Disinfecting Agents available.

AIROX have ETO sterilizers range from 50 Ltr to 440 Ltr capacity. Also we have Table Top Sterilizers from 35 Ltrs to 80 Ltrs.

Plasma Sterilizer

Plasma is the fourth state of Matter, that is Solid, Liquid, Gas, and Plasma. It is created when a gas is heated with a strong EF (Electromagnetic Field). Plasma is an Ionized gas. It has special properties which cannot be seen in another state of matter. This is because when a gas becomes a plasma, it becomes Unstable. It means the number of total electrons is either increased or decreased or both. Therefore, the ions produced can have positively charged or negatively charged electrons. Plasma is used to kill germs. It produces a reaction by which the germs are destroyed. Plasma is sterilized by the process of Oxidation.

Hydrogen Peroxide in the  Plasma Sterilizer

The process is simple and starts with inserting Liquid Hydrogen Peroxide into the sterilizer. In this, the liquid is heated and turned into gas. As soon as this process is completed, the H2O2 is heated with Higher temperature. Thereby the H2O2 is converted to Plasma. Thus, the Micro-organisms are killed by Plasma.

Plasma sterilization is Safe for Environment as well as for handling and using. There are no chemical Residues in plasma sterilization.

AIROX have Plasma sterilizers range from 40 Ltr to 135 Ltr capacity.

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