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Airox Oxygen Machine- Airox Technologies
Airox Oxygen Machine- Airox Technologies

Health Expo

Meet Airox Technologies Limited in Medical Fair 2023


Welcome to the world of medical trade fairs! As we gear up for the highly anticipated Medical Fair Delhi 2023, it's worth exploring the exciting world of health expos. These events provide a unique opportunity for healthcare professionals, innovators, and consumers to come together under one roof to explore the latest developments in the field of medicine and healthcare.


A health expo is a venue where professionals may display their medical tools and services, provide demonstrations, and participate in conversations and debates about the most recent developments in healthcare. Medical expos like the Medical Fair Delhi 2023 provide a special chance to discover cutting-edge medical breakthroughs, gadgets, and technologies that may one day save lives and raise the standard of healthcare for people all over the globe.


A health expo like the Medical Fair Delhi 2023 is a must-attend event whether you are a healthcare professional, medical device manufacturer or just a curious person interested in learning more about healthcare.

We, Airox Technologies Limited are coming with a huge range of advanced medical equipment for you to explore and experience the most recent advancements in the industry. So, come on over and take part in the fun world of medical expos with us!

Airox Technologies - Background, Current Status, Product Lines

Airox technologies limited is one of the leading organizations in the country with successful track records for running oxygen generators for more than 10 years. Airox systems are highly advanced in terms of technology.


With more than 950+ satisfied customers of PSA Oxygen Generator in India, AiroxTechnolgiesis unchallengingly the market leader in the country with 55% market share of the Indian medical oxygen market in terms of PSA Oxygen Generators. Our strength is our installations are present across India.


During the COVID-19 Pandemic, Airox has set a benchmark and have saved millions of lives by supplying PSA Oxygen Generators to many private, corporate and government hospitals during the oxygen crisis and has become the Leader in Healthcare Industry now.


Airox Technologies offers a range of products that are designed to meet the needs of different customers. The company's product lines include:


  • PSA Oxygen Generator - A device that uses Pressure Swing Adsorption technology to generate oxygen from ambient air with consistent purity for hospital use.


  • Hyperbaric chambers - A medical device that uses high pressure to treat a variety of conditions, including decompression sickness and carbon monoxide poisoning.


  • Sterilizers - A device that uses heat, steam, or chemicals to destroy microorganisms and prevent the spread of infection in medical and laboratory settings.


  • Medical gas pipeline system - A system of pipes and valves that deliver medical gasses, such as oxygen and nitrous oxide, to patient care areas in hospitals and clinics.


  • Modular Operation Theater - A fully equipped operating room that can be easily installed and customized to meet the specific needs of a hospital or clinic.


  • Pneumatic Tube System – A system designed to transport samples, test results, reports or pharmaceutical items in just a few minutes.


  • OxyRoom- A complete solution for oxygen supply in hospitals rooms and Operation Theatres for patients to recover faster and for doctors to improve their productivity.


  • Refrigerated Compressed Air Dryers - A device that removes moisture and cools the compressed air to generate oxygen.


  • Oxygen booster - A device that boosts the pressure of oxygen gas for cylinder refilling.


  • Oxygen Analyzer & Auto change over system - A device that measures the oxygen concentration in a gas mixture and automatically switches to a backup supply if the concentration drops below a certain level.

How visiting us will benefit you?

Learning about new health trends and products

The chance to learn about the most recent health trends and items on the market is provided by health expos. Also, you may learn about cutting-edge medical innovations like Modular Operation Theatre, wearable health monitors, PSA Oxygen Generator and many more.


Networking with health professionals

Health expos provide a platform for attendees to network with healthcare professionals, such as doctors, nurses, physical therapists, and other healthcare providers. For example, at a medical conference, attendees can network with doctors and researchers to learn about the latest advancements in medical treatments. Such interactions can lead to new professional relationships and opportunities.

Education and inspiration

Health expos provide an opportunity for attendees to attend educational sessions, keynote speeches, and panel discussions on a variety of health topics. For example, at a cancer expo, attendees can hear from cancer survivors or medical professionals on the latest cancer treatments or ways to cope with cancer. Such sessions can be inspiring and educational, providing attendees with new knowledge and perspectives. Moreover, motivational speakers at health expos can inspire attendees to take action toward improving their health and well-being.

Product and service demonstrations

Vendors get the chance to display their medical devices and services to guests at health expos. Attendees may benefit from such demos by learning more about the medical supplies and services available to help them improve their health.

Therefore, mark the Medical Fair 2023 dates on you calendar. Do give a visit to Airox Technologies Limited, Stall No. 1A17 on 27th, 28th& 29th of April, 2023 at Pragati Maidan, New Delhi, to uncover the never seen before technology in the Healthcare Industry.

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