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Airox Oxygen Machine- Airox Technologies
Airox Oxygen Machine- Airox Technologies

Oxygen Generator Plant knows why it is in high demand

A variety of gases make up air. They are present in various percentages. In nature, oxygen is the second most prevalent element after nitrogen. Except for inert elements, oxygen gas easily forms compounds with the rest of the elements.The result is oxides. This gas's characteristic is what gives it commercial significance as well. The manufacturing industries use oxygen gas.

Manufacturers of oxygen plants have a market value and contribute significantly to the expansion of numerous other markets, including those for oxygen concentrators, medical oxygen cylinders, and air-oxygen blenders.

Industries called oxygen plants are built to produce oxygen for industrial use. The separation of oxygen for industrial application can be accomplished through a variety of industrial processes.

Although electrolysis is relatively prevalent, industries do not employ it since it is not economically viable. Cryogenic distillation is another way to get oxygen. This is one of the approaches that many sectors utilize the most frequently. The two industrially used techniques for producing oxygen are PSA (Pressure Swing Adsorption) and VPSA (Vacuum Pressure Swing Adsorption).

Pressure Swing Adsorption Approach: Using pressure and an adsorbent like zeolite, activated charcoal, or molecular sieve, a specific gas is separated from a gas mixture in this method. Adsorbent denotes a surface adherent. The two are distinct from absorption. The separated molecule forms a layer on the surface that can be cleaned up later. With this technology, a specific gas is separated under pressure from a gas mixture based on its molecular properties and affinity for an adsorbent. It's a trap of sorts. High pressure gas is first adsorbed, and then the process lowers the pressure to release the gas that has been adsorbed. Air is passed through the vessel during this procedure, which involves adsorbent material being bonded to the container's wall. Now, due to nitrogen's affinity for zeolite, it becomes adsorbed to the adsorbent if it is zeolite. As a result, the vessel's oxygen concentration rises. The oxygen that remained in the jar can be recovered, while the nitrogen will remain in the bed of adsorbent.


1) The operation is cyclic and automatic.

2) The machine is cost effective and lasts longer.

3) It can be generated according to use.

4) Easy to store.

Oxygen production facilities are fully aware of how in-demand they are today.Applications for extraction using PSA and VPAS techniques are numerous.The main application of oxygen is the enrichment of air combustion for use in furnaces and kilns that burn fuel. In procedures that are needed for extremely high temperatures, such as the production of glass, cement, ceramics, coal extraction, and insulators, oxygen enrichment is used.

Oxygen has several applications. Its dual functions as an oxidizing agent and a catalyst make it a significant item on the market. The method is very financially effective because it is employed in the mining and metal extraction industries. In hospitals and pharmacies, oxygen has a place. Inhalation devices use oxygen to treat patients and people who have carbon monoxide poisoning.

It is a vital gas for maintaining life.The key ingredient in breathing aids due to the rise in pollution is oxygen. Oxygen is one of the essential components with a wide range of applications with the global growth of industrialisation. Because oxygen is the primary catalyst for the development of the mining industry, it is a growth driver for oxygen production facilities.

AirSep can provide PSA Oxygen Plants which offer 93% pure oxygen with capacities from 6,000 to 40,000 SCFH at up to 20 psig pressure without the use of an oxygen compressor.

Oxygen is essential for supporting life as well as many other industrial and environmental applications. This makes it one of the largest selling chemicals on the planet. AirSep has adopted the motto: “Why buy when you can make your own oxygen?”

Oxygen exists in the atmosphere around us. It makes up approximately 21% of the air we breathe. If only that oxygen could be separated.


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