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Best Oxygen Generators in India

Airox Technologies - Best Oxygen Generator in India

We are leading organization in the country, with successful track records for running generators for more than 10 years. Our systems are highly advanced in terms of technology, as we source major components from Airsep Corporation, Caire Inc., New York, United States. 

We with more than  950+ installations of  PSA  Oxygen Generator satisfied customer in India, is with unchallenging market leader in country with 30-31% market share of the Indian medical oxygen market in terms of total installed PSA oxygen generators, as of Fiscal 2022. Our strength is our installations present accross the India.


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Best Oxygen Generators in India

Inauguration of Our Plant

Our Corporate Clients

  • Walmart
  • Toyota
  • Tata
  • Bajaj
  • Reliance
  • AIF
  • Doctors For You.

Our Corporate hospital Clients

  • Adani Gaims Hospital
  • Meenakshi Mission Hospital
  • KIMS Hospital
  • Apollo Spectra Hospital
  • CK Birla Hospital
  • CMC Vellore
  • NH Narayana Health
  • Kamalnayan Bajaj Hospital.

Why Choose Us

Airox PSA Oxygen Generator

  • We have unique process in sieves and equipment which makes our PSA Generator System durable and long lasting
  • We are the leading PSA Oxygen Generation Company in India using US FDA, CE Medical Devices, &Class IIb molecular sieves in our PSA Generators System.

  • We have a big, robust and quick service network across India, with 70+ experienced service team which makes after sales service most efficient with PAN India availability

  • We have spare stocks available at 12 different locations in India reaching at your doorsteps easily and anywhere in India.

  • Our automated technology provides consistent and pure oxygen 24*7.

  • Our PSA Generator Systems uses 40-60% less electricity, compared with other PSA Generator Systems, reducing cost per unit of Oxygen Generation, increasing your savings proving viable and efficient in every aspect

  • Your investment is safe with us with return of investment in first couple of years.

  • Sieves is costly component which is about 25% of equipment cost, if Comprehensive Maintenance services taken every year, they last for 15 to 18 years.

Other PSA Oxygen Generators in Market

  • No Durability and efficiency due to short life as compared to Airox PSA Generator System.
  • Lack of quality standards and processes for making PSA oxygen generators in market makes product quality poor. Lacking necessary international standard approvals and certifications makes product quality lower which does not last long as compared to Airox PSA Generator Systems.
  • Defective after sales service due to non – expertise of PSA product technology, non - responsive approach due to limited reach in the country makes after sales service difficult in non-timely manner, in comparison to sales services provided by us.
  • Availability of spares in time is a problem, making plant to reduce its Oxygen production capacity, purity or complete breakdown of product.
  • The normal technology does not provide consistent and pure oxygen 24*7, and most of the products in market suffer purity problems which can be dangerous to critical care units in hospitals and during times of pandemic or emergency.
  • Electricity consumption is high, making hospital to spend more on oxygen bills. Cylinders are nowhere viable in terms of purity, savings, return of investment, deployment of additional manpower and transportation consuming time and expensive, when it comes for oxygen generation, compared with our PSA Oxygen Generator Systems.
  • The Molecular Sieves of PSA Oxygen Generators in market last for very short duration as compared to our systems. Molecular sieves are 25% of the equipment cost which makes it an expensive component. Comprehensive maintenance service charges post sales areroughly 6 to 8% of equipment cost which makes changing molecular sieves non-viable rendering total investment in PSA Oxygen Generators dead in few years of installation itself.
  • Every month production capacity goes down with inconsistent purity.
  • Post COVID Pandemic, approximately 30 companies have closed PSA Oxygen Generation business in the country and many are about to close down the production due to lack of expertise in PSA product technology, critical robust process, and defective sales service leaving their customers helpless for after sales services, spares and components needed for maintenance and repairs.
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