Best Oxygen Generators in India

We are the only organization in the country, with successful track records for running generators for more than 10 years. Our systems are highly advanced in terms of technology, as we source major components from Airsep Cor, Caire Inc., New York, United States. Airsep is the world’s largest manufacturer of PSA oxygen generator, with 34+ years of experience.

We with more than 850+ satisfied customer in India, is with unchallenging market leader in country with almost 75% market share. Our strength is our installations present in every state of India.

We have 125+ employees and 25+ distributors across India. Our corporate office is stationed at, Maharashtra. Our Branch Offices are at World Trade Tower Noida and Diamond Heritage, Kolkata- 700001 West Bengal. We have our state of Art manufacturing at Unit No.62, Sector 5, Auric, Shendra MIDC, Aurangabad, Maharashtra. 431007

Being the most trusted brand of India, we have supplied 60 plants to Central Medical Services Society, under Central Government through PM Cares Fund. We have also supplied 34 plants to United Nations, under United Nations Children’s Fund. Our major corporate clients are Toyota, Bajaj, Walmart, Reliance, Tata, Azim Premji Foundation, Doctors For You, CPI, TMC, United Way Of Bengaluru, American Indian Foundation and many more. Beside this our clients are also many Private Hospitals and Government Hospitals, using our PSA systems across India.

Why only Airox Oxygen Generators

Our Oxygen machines are best
Airox PSA Oxygen Generator Other PSA Oxygen Generator
Our unique PSA process provides life of 18-20 years of life No standard PSA process used to make system to work for 2-3 years only
The sieves are the life of PSA, our sieves are patented and best in world The normal sieves used, usually get transformed into powder very early
We are the only company in India with certificate as US FDA CE Medical Devices, Class IIb And many more… The company may or may not have approvals from Registered Legal Government Authorities.
We have a big service network across India, with 70+ experienced service engineers. Ready to work within time. Due to limited reach, the service provided is usually not in time and sometimes not at all addressed,
Our after sales service is best, as we have spare stocks available at 12 locations in India. Availability of spares in time is a problem, making plant to stop functioning.
Our automated technology provides consistent and pure oxygen 24*7 The normal technology dues not provide consistent and pure oxygen 24*7
Electricity consumed by our PSA plants is very low. Uses 40-60% less electricity, compared with others Electricity consumption is high. Making hospital to spend more on oxygen bills
  • Our dedicated PSA process and sieves pertains proven track record, which provides life of 18-20 years with continuous CMC
  • Our Cost of sieves is almost 25% to 30% of equipment cost, in appose to this most of our competitors sieves have life less than 2 years, as their CMC is only 6% to 8%, making them impossible to be replace the sieves.
  • We are the only company with US FDA and CE Medical Devices Class IIb certificate
  • We are the only company with 70+ service engineers across India.
  • We are the only company with spare stocks at 12 different locations all over India.
  • Our PSA system provides consistent flow and purity of Oxygen 24/7
  • Our systems consume lowest electricity, as compare to other PSA systems, our system saves 20% to 60% electricity bill.

125 + +
75 + +
Service Staff
30 + +
850 + +

O2 is what we do (Spotlight)

A. Mahamana Pandit Madan Mohan Malaviya Cancer Centre, Varanasi
B. Kabir Chaura Hospital, Varansi
C. ESIC Hospital, Varanasi

The above listed hospitals were virtually inaugurated by Hon Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi on 15 July, 2021.

As hospitals reeled under oxygen shortages across the country, Prime Minister Narendra Modi took to Twitter to announce oxygen plants for each district to ease the crisis.

“Oxygen plants in every district to ensure adequate oxygen availability. An important decision that will boost oxygen availability to hospitals and help people across the nation,” he said after the government announced the establishment of 551 pressure swing adsorption plants from PM CARES funds.

We are honoured to announce that countries 2nd biggest oxygen generator is been installed by Us with 3000 LPM capacity & inaugurated by India's Hon Minister of Health & Family Welfare and Chemical and Fertilizers of India. Shri Mansukh Mandaviya at Safdarjung Hospital on 16 September 2021.

Home minister Hon Amit Shahaji along with Gujarat Chief Minister Hon Vijay Rupaniji and Hon Deputy Chief Minister Nitin Patelji inaugurated our largest plant in Gujarat with 16 Lac Litter per day capacity at GMERS Medical College & General Hospital, Gandhinagar on 24 April 2021

“Oxygen plants in every district to ensure adequate oxygen availability... An important decision that will boost oxygen availability to hospitals and help people across the nation,” he said after the government announced the establishment of 551 pressure swing adsorption plants from PM CARES funds.

Chief Minister of Maharashtra Shri Uddhav Thackerayji and Cabinet Minister of Tourism and Environment Aaditya Thackerayji virtually inaugurated Our 6 plants in Mumbai on
03 July 2021, with some important Hospitals as.
1) Rajawadi Hospital, Ghatkopar
2) Cooper Hospital, Andheri
3) Kasturba Hospital, Chinchpokli
4) KB Bhabha, Bandra
5) Harilal Bhagwati Hospital, Borivali
6) Nehru Science Centre, Worli

We had installed 15 Lac Litter per Day plant at Naidu Hospital, Pune. It was inaugurated virtually by Ex Chief Minister of Maharashtra Hon Devendra Fadnavis on 22 May 2021


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