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HBOT FAQs | Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Information | Airox Technologies
Airox Oxygen Machine- Airox Technologies

Hyperbaric Medicine is based on significantly increasing the level of Oxygen O2 in the blood generating the strong Hyperoxia adequate for medical therapies. Hyperoxia is created by dissolving the O2 in the blood plasma that is achieved by breathing it under a higher atmospheric pressure inside specially designed chambers. Hyperoxia produces a wide chain of physiological process in the patient organism to treat different diseases.

The undersea and Hyperbaric medical Society (UHMS) defines Hyperbaric Oxygen treatment as treating 100% Oxygen delivered at pressure greater than 1.4 ATA

Emergency Indications: Air Embolism • Decompression Illness • Burns • Carbon monoxide poisoning • Cerebral edema • Closed head injuries • Crisis of sickle cell anemia • Blast injury • Gas Gangrene • Hydrogen sulfide poisoning • Near drowning • Near electrocution • Near hanging • Peyote poisoning • Severed limbs • Smoke inhalation

Diabetic foot and ulcer.

Chamber where only one person can be accomodated is monoplace, Multiplace is more than one persion can be accomodated

Air, Oxygen and electricity.

It is 60 min to 90 Min depending on disease.

On an average 40 sessions are required but in some cases like sudden eye sight loss or sudden hearing loss 10 to 15 session are required and few Neuro cases 60 to 80 sessions are required.

Generally, in 7 to 10 session you can come to know

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