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Airox Oxygen Booster | Oxygen Supplier in India - Airox Technologies
Oxygen Booster, Oxygen for hospitals


In PSA Oxygen generator oxygen is been produced at 4.5 bar pressure. To fill cylinders this oxygen need to be boost at 150 bar. This is possible by using oxygen booster. The oxygen is collected from PSA oxygen receiver tank, from there it is been boosted through oxygen booster and with the help of Manifold it is been filled in Cylinders.

Oxygen Booster, Oxygen for hospitals

Working of an Oxygen Gas Booster

RIX Oxygen Compressors have been developed specifically for the exacting requirements of safe, reliable oxygen compression service. The design features developed over several decades for a variety of industrial and military oxygen compressor applications. These compressors are well suited for the compression of oxygen to 2200 psig

The cylinder is designed to withstand different operating pressures. Pressure is usually controlled with a piston, which is driven back and forth inside the cylinder. The cylinder head features discharge and supply ports, which are again connected to pipes or discharge hoses, and non-return valves. These valves help direct the flow of gas in one direction. When the booster is not working, the piston will not act, which means the gas will flow from the inlet hose, and the inlet valve, and fill the space between the piston and the cylinder head

If the outlet hose has low pressure then gas will flow out towards the component connected to the hose. This flow stops when the pressure equalization takes place. This equalization depends on the opening pressures of valves. The booster starts working when the flow stops. Volume of space between the piston crown and the cylinder head increases when the piston draws along the cylinder.

In the return cycle, the volume of the space between the cylinder head and the piston crown decreases. This state continues until there is sufficient pressure to overcome the opening pressure of the outlet valve, and the outlet line. In this state, gas flows out of the cylinder via the port, and the outlet valve.

Gas compression is always accompanied by a temperature rise. Hence, gas boosters are always cooled with external fins or water jackets. Oxygen gas boosters are always made from oxygen compatible materials to avoid fire initiated by compressed oxygen

Applications of Oxygen Gas Boosters

The following are a few well-known applications of oxygen gas boosters

  • Laser Cutting
  • Gas Transfer and Charging in Defence and Aviation
  • Life Support
  • Fire Fighting
  • Industrial Equipment Manufacturing
  • Medical Resuscitation
  • Diving
  • Oxygen bottle charging

By looking at the applications of oxygen gas boosters, one can understand the significant role played by these systems. The company provides oxygen gas boosters from industry-leading USA based brand Rix Industries

Authorisations and Approvals:

Our Company M/s Airox Technologies Limited is authorised to sell RIX compression products in India

Revenue Growth:

Our Company has added a new line of product through this booster of around ₹ 10.13 million in Fiscal 2021. Our company is aggressively expanding its business in this segment and actively looking for participation in upcoming government tenders for this product apart from private sales.

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