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HBOT FAQs | Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Information | Airox Technologies
Airox Oxygen Machine- Airox Technologies

PSA is one of several modern technologies that is currently in use for separating oxygen from air.

PSA consists of a material called molecular sieve for gas separation, these zeolite based sieve has a preferential adsorption for nitrogen and other gases. The Clean dry air is passed through the sieve beds on the oxygen generator, which produces an oxygen enriched gas.

Absolutely Yes, these machines can be operated by Airsep PSA Oxygen Generator. Ventilators and Anaesthesia machines require 50- 56 PSI pressure where as our generator can produce 65 PSI pressure which is then reduced to your required pressure.

Airsep Oxygen Generator is not hazardous because it operates only at 4.5 Bar, where as oxygen cylinders operates on 160 Bar. It is also not inflammable like other Liquid oxygen.

This is highly compact system. Our AS-G model which is with capacity of 30 cylinders/day requires 11 feet X 9 Feet area only. This system can be installed on terrace, room or hall.

PSA oxygen generators have internal filters that are recommended element replacement in every 6 months under 24/7 operation. Additionally, valves will have to be rebuilt every 5 years. The majority of the maintenance will involve the service of the air compressor recommended by the air compressor manufacturer

Liquid oxygen (LOX) at 99% oxygen purity is useful for metal cutting, but not necessarily for medical applications.

Some local authorities require 99% purity oxygen due to old regulations and ordinances However, with the acceptance of international specifications from CSA (Canada), European Pharmacopeia, U.S. Pharmacopeia, Indian Food & Drug Administration and ISO 10083 (European),these older specifications are being revised to 93%.

Generically, oxygen concentrators describe smaller home medical systems, and oxygen generators describe all other size plants. Smaller oxygen concentrator cannot produce higher pressure like 65 PSI or 4.48 bar, whereas oxygen generator can work on this kind of pressure. Zeolites life in oxygen generator are high with 20+ year depending on the feed air quality.

It is normal for a LOX storage tank to bleed off 10 to 15% of the tank volume to prevent pressure built-up & heat transmission. This is not a factor with PSA oxygen generators, all the oxygen that is produced can be used, and there is no bleed off.

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