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Airox Oxygen generator | Oxygen Concentrator | Medical Oxygen – Airox Technologies
Airox Oxygen generator

Oxygen Analyzer

Airox Oxygen generator
What is Oxygen Analyzer???

Ultrasonic gas flow and oxygen sensor implements the ultrasonic velocity difference between upstream and downstream to detect the gas flow and also to measure the oxygen purity. It is a reliable and low cost sensor for integration into PSA, medical and personal oxygen generators

Applications of Oxygen Analyzer
  • PSA Oxygen Generator
  • Medical Oxygen Generator
  • Personal Respirator
  • Oxygen Concentrator
  • Anesthetic Apparatus
  • High Pressure Oxygen Storage

Auto Change Over System

Airox Oxygen generator
What is Auto Change Over System?

Auto changeover is a system which automatically switches Oxygen supply from one source to another, in low input pressure to ensure continuity of Oxygen supply.

Supply sources for Auto Change Over System?
  • PSA (pressure swing adsorption) plant
  • Oxygen bank
Advantages of using Auto Change Over system
  • No requirement of additional air Compressor and associated machinery.
  • No leakages, renders High Efficiency
  • Instantaneous response
  • Dose not affect any atmosphere and temperature variations
  • Reduces unscheduled service
  • Anticipates future requirement

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