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Oxygen Booster for Hospitals | Airox Technologies
Oxygen Booster, Oxygen for Hospitals

Direct- Acting Solenoid Valves

Direct- acting solenoid valves are suitable for liquids and gases. The optimized solenoid circuit allows the use of solenoid coils with significantly reduced power consumption and thus lower self-heating of the system.

Oxygen Booster, Oxygen for Hospitals

Media- Separated Valves

Media- separated valves enable the separation of the solenoid system and the medium via a separating diaphragm. This makes them particularly suitable for application where freedom from contamination and thermal decoupling play a role.

Oxygen Booster, Oxygen for Hospitals

Diaphragm Solenoid Valves

The GAMMA diaphragm valve is a particularly universal, robust and compact valve series. The diaphragm solenoid valves are available in single and battery versions and in various sizes, materials and configuration.

Airox Oxygen Plant

Media- Separated Piston Valves

Media- separated piston valves feature a particularly robust design and are avaible with coaxial flow or angle flow, in 2/2- and 3/2- way versions with a pneumatically actuated piston actuator.

Oxygen Booster, Oxygen for Hospitals

Elsa- push- in fitting: Leading in fluid technology

This push-in fitting can be mounted quickly and without tools, Safe, Durable and cost efficient.

Oxygen Booster, Oxygen for Hospitals

Rapid- Push-on fitting at the highest level

RAPID fittings are characterized by the perfect matching of guide cone and union nut, This means high performance is guaranteed, even under harsh operating conditions.

Oxygen Booster, Oxygen for Hospitals


The broad product range is ideal for demanding requirements in food and beverage, industrial of life science applications.

Oxygen Booster, Oxygen for Hospitals
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