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Oxygen Generator -Airox Technologies

Outstanding dues to the material creditors

Outstanding dues as on March 31st , 2022, as per Restated Financial Statements, to micro, small and medium enterprises, material creditors, and other creditors

Sr. No Type of Creditors Number of Creditors Amount Involved (In Million)
1 Dues to Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises 14 3.67
2 Dues to Material Creditors 2 97.36
3 Dues to Other Creditors 134 36.38
Total Oustanding Dues 150 137.41

Note 1: Details in relation to the outstanding overdues to material creditors as of March 31st, 202

Sr. No Name of creditor Amount (Rs. in million) Overdue Period
1 Airsep Corporation 0.00 Nil
2 Caire Medical Technology (C) Co.,Ltd 0.00 Nil

Details in relation to material creditors of the Company as of March 31st, 2022

Sr. No Name of creditor Amount (Rs. in million)
1 Airsep Corporation 76.00
2 Caire Medical Technology (C) Co.Ltd 21.36
Total 97.36

In the terms of the Company’s Material Policy, outstanding dues to any creditor having monetary value which exceeds 5% of the total consolidated trade payables as per the Restated Financial Statements as at March 31st, 2022 shall be considered as material.

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